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The battery must be a deep cycle type and one of following category.
I. Lithium Battery
1.The operation life cycle of Lithium battery must be at least 4,000 cycles at 20% DoD and 1,000 cycles at 80% DoD.
2. Deviation of battery capacity from its rated capacity must not exceed + 10% (plus ten) and -5 %( minus five) within 10 cycles of the test.
3. The charge/discharge efficiency of the battery must not be less than 80%.
4. 12months warranty for customers, 18months for retailer.

2.1.3 Lamp
The Lamp must be WLED Lamp White Light Emitting Diode (WLED)
1. A letter provided by principal WLED lamp manufacturer in their letter head mentioning the operational life of the WLED lamp to be at least 30,000 hours.
2. The viewing angle of individual WLED should not be less then 2x50° degree
3. The Luminous Efficacy of individual WLED must not be less than 100 lm/Watt.
4. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) of the WLED must not be less than 60 and the color temperature must be in the range of 5000°K to 6000°K.
5. In the lamp with multiple WLEDs, the WLEDs used must not differ by more than 10% in WLED parameters (forward voltage and color temperature) at specified current
6. Luminous efficacy or Luminous yield of WLED lamp must not differ by more than 5% from the initial value after burning for 200 continuous hours under constant current source.
7. WLED driver circuit efficiency must be at least 80%.
8. The Luminous Yield of WLED Lamp must be at least 85 Lumen/watt

2.1.1 PV Module
The PV module must be of a Crystalline Silicon (Mono Crystalline or Poly Crystalline) or a Thin film Type. Technical Requirements
1. Indelible labels must be firmly fixed on the PV module, containing the following details:
• Name of the manufacturer
• Model/Type
• Manufacturer’s serial number
• Maximum power in Watt Peak
• Open circuit voltage in Volt
• Short circuit current in Ampere
• Maximum rated voltage in Volt
• Maximum rated current in Ampere
• Brand (if applicable)
2. Electrical parameters of PV Module • Deviation of maximum power from nominal values stated by the manufacturer must be within – 5% and +20% (minus five and plus twenty) at STC. In case of Thin-film type modules, deviation of maximum power will be measured after exposing the PV modules in ambient conditions for 380 KWh/m2 (Equivalent to 80 days to attain stable state). However, if original PV manufacturer provides test certificate of stabilized power output of thin film module from accredited laboratory, the deviation of power will be measured without exposing in ambient condition.
• The maximum rated Voltage (Vmp) of the 36 cell Crystalline PV module must be at least 17V at STC . The maximum rated Voltage (Vmp) of 72 cell PV module must be at least 34 V at STC.
• The maximum rated Voltage (Vmp) of the thin film PV module to be used for 12V system must be at least 17V at STC. And for 12X system voltage Vmp must be at least 17X at STC, where X is a natural number.
3. The PV modules of size 40Wp or above must have inbuilt bypass diodes. Junction box need not be opened, if the principal PV manufacturer provides assurance in their letter head about the existence of bypass diode in the junction box.
4. The module efficiency for crystalline module must be at least 11% for above 10Wp to 50 Wp, 12% for above 50Wp to 100 Wp, and 14% for above 100Wp.
5. The module efficiency for thin film module must be at least 8% up to 100 Wp and 10% above 100Wp. Nepal Photovoltaic Quality Assurance (NEPQA 2013) for PV System Page 5
6. The Model , Serial Number and Brand Name must be laminated inside the Glass of PV Module up to 100Wp.For the PV Module greater than 100Wp must have Serial Number inside the glass of PV Module.

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