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Customer Benefits:

1 cost reduction
C.light lamp has the characteristics of long life, and can completely replace the kerosene lamp means customers will be in 1-2 months recycling costs, and in future years can always use him.
2 increase revenue
In India, bright lights can make workers night to continue to work, thereby increasing household income.
3 friendly learning environment
In Kenya, children because of the lack of light to the roadside had to learn, our lamps and lanterns, for the children of poor families provides a stable light source, so that children can safely at home learning, so as to avoid the formation of some of the unexpected.
4 healthy and safe home
Kerosene lamp is a key factor in indoor air pollution, which is recorded in a catastrophic health impact from tuberculosis cancer. The oil lamp also caused countless deaths, burns and related complications through ingestion, and fatal fires. At least, kerosene users experience vision loss and visual health. Easily d.light lanterns are very safe and use ultra bright LED lights, will not emit any pollutant.
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